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RootLo Enterprise

An enterprise social network specializing in expanding your organization’s global communication, improving productivity and increasing work-life satisfaction across your remote teams.

Millions of companies are benefiting from incorporating remote workers and as a result, there is an opportunity to help improve efficiency, culture, and experience for these employees.

RootLo offers a mobile platform to provide your remote workers with tips for working efficiently, information and deals on workspaces to change up their daily routine and communities (inside and outside your organization!) to stay connected. Our global user base ranges from independent contractors to full-time employees offering a variety of ideas and perspectives to learn from.

RootLo can create a custom enterprise social network for your organization to demonstrate to your remote workers that you’re investing in their personal and professional growth. All the while, improving your organization’s efficiency across employee retention, collaboration and time utilization.

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Why RootLo?

RootLo offers companies a holistic solution based on four principal pillars.



Curating your company’s social channels for their global community – creating a culture of social communication and sharing of passions/hobbies outside of work.



Promote global communication across your employees. 76% of your employees are already engaging individually on social media – help them to communicate collectively on your enterprise social network.



Ecosystem of tips, information and deals for working efficiently as a remote worker.



Demonstrate commitment to your employee’s work life satisfaction, share the opportunity for employees to find new spaces to work from, and provide access to the local remote workforce community.


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