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Travel with RootLo

RootLo is building a mobile app.

RootLo is a mobile app community where you can join like-minded travelers to inspire, socialize and share travel costs and tips.

Get ready to explore.

While we seek feedback and progress on building our platform we’d like to ask you to leave us your email so that we can update you whenever it is ready for you to put to use.


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More about RootLo

RootLo is a team of experienced digital nomads from 3 countries, with a shared passion for always being on the move. We joined forces, combining our diverse backgrounds and common passion to influence travel communities around the world.

We’re creating an app to connect like-minded travelers to one another. We want to make your travel experience better.

By 2020, 60 million Americans will work remotely. Many of these individuals have an interest in traveling while working. The problem – travelers want community and need guidance but today, there are limited resources to support this growing segment.

Global companies are forming large groups of digital nomads, creating expensive packages to travel to different cities around the world. RootLo offers travelers the tools to create their own packages and build their own communities at a lower cost.

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