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Bridge the Gap Across Your Remote Work Force

April 10, 2020

As the manager of a remote team, you may often find yourself in need of developing viable ways by which your remote work force can connect, communicate, and feel supported while they’re in home office or abroad. Even though your team may not be physically present, it is still incredibly important to know them, check in with their work and well being, and make sure they feel supported as much as possible regardless of where they are. 

To do this, it’s not enough to simply have the right paperwork trail or appropriate structures in place for them to reference when they need to. Instead, managing a healthy remote work force means creating a living ecosystem that connects, supports, and encourages everyone as a collective. 

Here at RootLo, we’re passionate about doing just that. 

Through RootLo, both you and your remote work force have the opportunity to create such an ecosystem that is structured around the tenets of community, accessibility, and active communication. We provide the social framework for you and your team to work and collaborate efficiently, all through one convenient interface. 
Here are a few of the things that we offer in order to help you keep track of, take care of, retain, and support your remote work force. 

Dynamic Communication

While there is a variety of media through which you can effectively communicate with your remote teams, ours is built with community and user-friendliness in mind. The majority of your workforce is already using social media; why not invest in a collective social media presence? 

Through RootLo, we organize your global presence into one local app. Your remote work force can access company information, your company directory, and a company chat easily and efficiently. Having your communication needs organized into one media channel helps information spread evenly and efficiently, and translates into more efficient working hours.

Community Building

With a dedicated social network in place, the next natural step is to invest in building and strengthening the connections between you, your collaborators, and your work force. This is easily done through RootLo because we were designed to offer remote workers the opportunity to expand their networks — both inside and outside of their respective companies. 

For managers, though, RootLo can function as a way to invest in your workforce, check in with their well being and progress, and make yourself available as a resource to them. Even without a physical presence, you can maintain a virtual support system in this way.

Services On The Go

It’s probable that your remote work force may run into some snags that don’t necessarily fall under the umbrella of corporate support. They may be working abroad and want to find convenient accommodations, they could be in need of a productive coworking space, or they simply might need some social support in the form of “after-work” drinks — even if their coworkers are nowhere nearby.

Through RootLo, your workforce can access a built-in network of services that includes things like available accommodations, workspaces, meetups, and special discounts and promo codes on tourism activities and transportation. You can offer these things automatically and by proxy through your company’s RootLo page, and this way, your workforce will always feel supported with all of their needs — even though you may not have been able to offer those services through a traditional platform. Not only will you be able to create an ecosystem for your company, but your employees will be able to create their own ecosystems wherever they are. 

Healthy ecosystems are built on the give-and-take idea that they live, breathe, and grow with you and your workforce. With RootLo, you’ll have all the tools you need to build and maintain this ecosystem, support your remote work force, and sustain a culture of accessibility and communication across the board. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you what we can create for you and your company.

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