Who We Are - RootLo

Who We Are

RootLo is a diverse group of experienced digital nomads with a shared passion for being on the move. We joined forces, combining our backgrounds and a common passion, to influence travel communities around the world.

Luis Barroso

This Colombian is obsessed with the Atletico Bucaramanga Soccer team, and his passions are very defined: futbol, music and travel. Luis decided from a young age to begin exploring the world and to leave his comfort zone. After living in 3 different continents and exploring more than 50 cities, this young entrepreneur decided to invest his knowledge and experience to revolutionizing the definition of a traditional work environment and help travelers around the world to break the walls of the currently offices and create any corner of the the world the best place to work.

Brittney McQuesten

With a passion to explore and a goal of making travel more accessible and enjoyable, Brittney jumped feet first at the opportunity to help share RootLo with the world.

When she isn’t planning her next adventure, you’ll find Brittney cheering on her alma mater (Wreck Em!), spending time with family on the lake or studying Spanish.

Chet Bailey

Technology should make our lives better. That is why Chet brings his years of experience building global systems to enable RootLo to be the platform for digital nomad communities.

Although he lives in Colorado, remote work gives Chet the freedom to spend time in the communities and villages along the Amazon river of Brazil. Where he uses his technology and business skills to guide economic development projects to help people left themselves out of poverty.

Duncan Falk

Duncan brings an interest and experience in design and programming to RootLo. A curious person, the traveling and working life allows him to explore cultures, people, and new places while working on projects he believes in (some of his favorite things). Duncan loves good design, futbol, formula 1, his home city of Pittsburgh, and like Brittney, is also studying español.