Pricing - RootLo

*20% discount reflected for annual billing, $125/month when billed monthly.


What’s included in the 14-day free trial?

We want you to get to know the RootLo Directory and see the benefits yourself with the 14-day Trial, you are able to build your organization’s custom employee directory map and experience almost all of the Map Pro features!

What happens after the 14-day trial if we don’t sign up?

We will hold your data and settings for a 90-day period. You’ll be able to login and register your account anytime during that period.

Where will our employees find the RootLo Directory?

Anyone within your Slack Workspace will be able to download and use the RootLo Directory. The RootLo Map will be stored as an App within their workspace.

Can we share our directory with clients?

Yes! You can decide to make your custom URL public which would allow you to share your employee map with clients.

Where is our employee data stored?

The RootLo directory is secured by Google Cloud Storage to protect your employee’s data. We have very high security standards and are happy to address any questions your team may have!

How do you track employee location?

Employees upload their current location to the map and have full-control over their custom profiles!

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