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RootLo CTO Brings Computers to The Amazon

December 21, 2021

RootLo CTO, Chet Bailey, has spent the last six-months living, working, and volunteering in the Amazonian city, Autazes, Brazil. Autazes is a community along the Rio Preto do Pantaleão (Black Pantaloon River). This beautiful, isolated city is home to 40,000 Brazilians, yet yields very little commerce or industry driving severe poverty.

After many mission trips to this area, Chet recognized an opportunity to leverage his computer knowledge to provide critical skills training to the Autazes community. With basic computer skills, young adults can leverage virtual work and education from their small, remote city and better provide for their families.

With this mission in mind, Chet set out to build a computer classroom at the Ray of Hope Foundation in Autazes. Chet raised funds, sourced equipment, created essential local partnerships and ultimately, built a computer classroom for the community (all while leading RootLo’s technology development and strategy!). Chet kicked off the computer classroom pilot in February 2020 with 4 Raspberry Pi computers and has had a fantastic response from students. The foundation reports that students who were uninterested in other programs, are now excited for the computer program.

With the success of the Autazes computer classroom, Chet is currently working on expanding the classroom capacity to 10 computers – this will allow the foundation to participate in government programs which provide children with certificates proving that they have received basic computer training for jobs in Brazil.

If you’re like us, you might be wondering at this point, how can I support Chet’s mission to bring computer training to Autazes, Brazil?

There are two ways that the RootLo community can help:

Hire a computer skills job from Autazes: If you or your organization are looking for help with any basic computer programming work, reach out to Chet ( and see if you could support a Brazilian worker!

Contribute to Chet’s computer classroom at the Ray of Hope Foundation: RootLo is matching dollar for dollar all donations made to Chet’s Mission (up to $2,500) in support if his $10,000 goal. For more information and to donate visit Chet’s mission page.

Chet’s showing us what working remotely is all about, using your time and location independence to do what’s important to you. We are proud of you Chet and excited to help support the community of Autazes, Brazil!

Happy Holidays!

Luis & Brittney Barroso

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