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On the Hunt for Remote Work? Start here.

June 3, 2020

While some are getting used to a new life in home-office after transitioning from in-office to out-of-office workstyles, many others are facing work displacement due to COVID-19. Whether you are specialized in a specific field or just on the hunt for an opportunity to get by during these difficult times, there are several essential positions open right now. If you’re finding yourself unexpectedly on the job hunt, scroll through this list to see if anything fits your needs and qualifications.


Everlywell is a company dedicated to creating reliable, affordable at-home medical testing for residents of most US states. They feature 30+ home testing kits including Thyroid, Metabolism, Allergy, Food Sensitivity, Fertility, and some STIs. To cater to the current crisis, Everlywell has added a COVID-19 testing kit to their repository.

While their new COVID-19 test is not currently available for individual purchase, the test is available in bulk to qualifying organizations such as state governments and medical facilities. During these times, things are pretty busy at Everlywell. At the moment, Everlywell has quite a few positions open for folks in Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and Product Management; check those out if you have relevant experience and are on the hunt in working for a company on the front lines of COVID-19 testing in the US.

General Electric

A household name, General Electric is a major corporation with a significant global presence. As a company that is virtually always hiring, GE is a decent place to look for jobs; especially if you are on the hunt in the med-tech field. 

Whether the innovations come in the form of medical equipment or AI-driven digital development, GE Healthcare has made a commitment to work as efficiently as possible during COVID-19. With such a huge presence, GE Healthcare has tons of jobs open from management positions to software engineers, and from sales to manufacturing. Jobs are available in several states as well as several countries, so if you’re looking for international opportunities once the borders reopen, a job with GE in your home state might be a good place to start. 

United Nations

If you’re looking to make a difference at the UN or if you’re just curious about putting your skills to the test on a global level, why not check out the many job openings with the United Nations? As the World Heatlh Organization holds an office with the UN, the UN has been at the forefront of COVID-19 policies, decisions and developments. 

Working for the UN doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. If you aren’t willing to make a major career change during this forced transition time, that is completely understandable. To cater to that, the UN offers many temporary positions to folks who are in between jobs, those who are on the hunt to work for the UN, and people who aren’t able to make a long-term commitment in uncertain times. Since the UN is a major global organization, there are always jobs available in the New York office as well as the UN offices around the world. 


Are you a tech-head looking for at-home coding and development work? Check out GitHub’s current job openings. GitHub is one of the most important tools out there for sharing and developing code across research and development groups. If you’ve never heard of it before, think of GitHub as a much more sophisticated Google Drive for developers, where code can be updated, shared, debugged, and annotated through just one platform.

GitHub isn’t hiring only developers, though; apart from software engineering jobs, they are on the hunt for legal counsel, design, security, technical support, and writing. Working for GitHub is a pretty decent gig, too; they offer remote work, unlimited PTO, flexible hours, competitive insurance, and community outreach opportunities. It’s not a bad remote job if you’ve been displaced from the office during COVID-19. 


Essential Positions through the NRF

Of course, making a major career move may not be the smartest thing for you if you’re just looking to survive a sudden change in employment status. Dozens of corporations are looking for employees nationwide, and the National Retail Federation (NRF) wants you to know about them. Here are a few examples to get the ball rolling. 

Ace Hardware is currently on the hunt for sales associates, cashiers, and inventory coordinators. Use their Zip-code search to find a store hiring near you.

Allied Universal is looking for security professionals and field management employees. Check out their site to see if they’re hosting any hiring events in your town. 

FedEx is looking for ground package handlers in six different US cities. 

CVS is looking for cashiers, inventory coordinators, pharmacy technicians, nurses, and corporate professionals all over the US.

Pizza delivery never stops, right? Domino’s is looking for employees in stores, at the supply chain centers, and with their corporate office. 

Target is on the hunt for HR positions, administration, operations, store management, store hourly positions, legal, marketing, finance, product design, supply chain, logistics, and more. If you need a quick hire, use their interactive map to find hourly positions at stores near your home. 

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of the jobs available during COVID-19. Check the National Retail Federation for more ideas, as well as resources like Upwork and Remote.com to find more remote work ideas. Although many have been thrown into a season of uncertainty, it’s important to know our options during this difficult situation. With this list, you’ll have a few ideas and, hopefully, a jumping-off point for your job search moving forward.

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