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How to Choose Meaningful Destinations as a Remote Worker

October 1, 2021

If you’re one of the many people who were introduced to the joys and difficulties of working remotely recently, you know that greater personal freedom is one of the undeniable highlights. That freedom offers you chances to make your holidays in meaningful destinations count in new ways.

Even though it may seem like the world is your oyster, not every destination’s a good fit when you’re a remote worker – and finding one that is can be tricky, especially when you’re used to thinking about travel solely in terms of pleasure. Here are a few tips on how to choose a meaningful destinations as a remote worker.

1. Consider Work Logistics And Infrastructure

There are several elements to include when thinking about work-related logistics and infrastructure in relation to your choice of a holiday destination:

2. Think About Infrastructure, Language, And Climate

It’s important to think about infrastructure and other aspects of daily life when planning a trip on which you want to work remotely:

3. Consider Lifestyle

The lifestyle offered by your preferred meaningful destinations is an important factor:

Being able to meet your work commitments should be your main concern when choosing a meaningful destination for holidaying as a remote worker. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the other aspects of your trip. You won’t spend all your time working, which means the lifestyle offered by destinations are also important.

If city living gets your heart racing, consider destinations that offer appealing urban environments. If you prefer laid-back tropical vibes, choose a destination that offers that instead of gridlocked traffic and smog. 

You’ll need to balance this with time zone and climate considerations, which we touched on above. Heading to Southeast Asia for a short working holiday with a difference during the monsoon season isn’t the best idea when you’re hoping to spend your mornings or afternoons soaking up the sun on golden beaches.

Choose destinations that are known for being tolerant if not welcoming. Avoid destinations in which the majority of people hold values and beliefs that are incompatible with yours, as they could lead to conflict.

4. Think About What You Want To Do

Your trip shouldn’t be all work and no play, so think about the activities you would like to do when on holiday.

In addition to considering the general lifestyle offered by the destinations that you have in mind, you should think about how you’d like to spend your free time. Do you want to dose up on arts and culture at museums, galleries, and theatres? Do you want to go on day hikes or bicycle tours? Do you want to join local festivities? Or would you prefer to relax by the pool? Choose the meaningful destinations that caters for your interests.

5. Calculate The Cost

The cost of your planned trip is one of the greatest determining factors when choosing a destination for working remotely while on holiday:

Investigate exchange rates and affordability. It’s not worth travelling to a place and working remotely if the cost of doing so will outweigh the money you earn from the work you do. Choose destinations where you can live relatively comfortably and inexpensively for a few days or weeks. 

Calculating the cost of a planned trip means doing some research, but it’s all worth it. Browse websites, forums, and travel-related social media pages and groups to find out the cost of:

Choosing the right destination for a holiday when you’re a remote worker can open the door to all sorts of adventures and experiences. You get to experience new surroundings and cultures, and you can meet all sorts of people – and you can do it while continuing to meet your work commitments and earning money. Use the above tips to help you find the perfect places for a holiday that counts in exciting ways.

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