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How to boost engagement with your work-from-home employees

April 21, 2021

Who remembers working in an office? (Raise your hands!) Now who remembers team-building exercises, however awkward and embarrassing (in a nice way) they might have been? Of course we all do. From lunches where we shared interesting bits of our personalities to parties where we all took quizzes to find out “what kind of animal are you”, the office team-building exercises that are part of everyday corporate life hold a lot of value. They’re great for sharing our emotions and humanity, breaking down barriers and getting us all to see each other as people, not just employees.

But now, with many of us shifted for the past year and for the immediate future into remote work, those team building exercises don’t have the same power. But that doesn’t mean figuring out how to create that in small and big teams alike has lost its importance. Use this graphic to figure out how to bridge the gap remotely.

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