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8 Favorite Tips for Building Remote Culture

April 3, 2020

There are many variables to consider when moving a team into remote work or working from home. Providing laptops, ensuring internet connectivity and access to company documents are the first things people need to deal with. But we want to focus on what we believe to be one of the most important aspects of remote work – remote culture. 

Company culture is something that will affect a team’s productivity and success. At Running Remote we organise the world’s largest remote work conference and have been supporting companies in solving this issue for several years. And in the time of the global pandemic when thousands of businesses are forced to make a rapid transition to remote work in an extremely stressful and uncertain environment, investing into your corporate culture can be crucial to survive.

We wanted to share with you our eight most favorite tips in creating a great company culture for businesses now working from home: 

  1. Provide clear expectations. Highly engaged employees show a 21% profitability (Gallup) making employees engaged is something that should be essential to business strategy. Providing your team clear expectations as well as tools and resources which will allow employees to do their best work.
  2. Provide Peer Feedback. Your team wants to be reminded that their work has purpose and meaning. Having heads of department and HR check in with their team individually about performance is a great way to combine feedback and recognition in the workplace.
  3. Be empathic to your team members. The ability to identify both your own emotions and those of your team is especially important in this hypersensitive time. Many people are dealing with a lot of new anxiety and stress outside of work due to the current health crisis. What can you do as an employer to support this? We suggest adjusting sales quotas, reducing hours for working parents and being flexible on when work is done in the day. 
  4. Occupational burnout is set to cost the global economy $330 billion in 2020. High levels of stress at work can lead to this and compromise employee health. There are many ways in which companies can help. Providing workshops on stress management, encouraging employees to get outside, exercise and free access to counselling are all ways they can support their teams. 
  5. Have a clear way to track work time and productivity.  A recent study by Glassdoor has shown that 87% of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing work and personal commitments. By using time tracking apps, like TimeDoctor employees have the ability to show their working hours clearly to their boss. It also helps provide the ability to ‘switch off’ when they are not working as they can effectively ‘clock out’ using a flexible schedule that suits them. 
  6. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a difference. Using video conferencing and takeaways services to create monthly paid team lunches when everyone can sit down together and be social is a great way to create team bonding. 
  7. Keep some things the same. Using an instant messaging system like Slack or Twist for your internal communications. Ensuring all team members announce themselves  ‘good morning / good night’ when they start and finish work, like they would walking into a normal office. Encourage them to share coffee breaks, share jokes and articles they have found online in dedicated company channels. 
  8. Have a wider organisational structure which speaks openly and consistently. Ensuring monthly meetings with the wider organisation takes place so teams can understand their input into the bigger picture. Having company meetings where employees can ask questions anonymously to CEO’s and Founders allows them to be honest and authentic in their input. 

These are just some of the ways that we encourage businesses to grow their company culture. At Running Remote & RootLo Inc. we believe that employee satisfaction is key to a successful business, and we see that again and again with the companies that we work with. 


We believe that remote work is needed now more than ever. We have recently created a one day free online event to help companies and remote employees who are struggling with work from home practices – Remote AID 2020. It takes place on April 20. Once the crisis eventually ends, remote work will still stay on the rise. Today, it’s no longer a perk; it’s clearly a life-saving necessity. To get it right, CEOs, managers, and employees need to be educated. You’ll receive free coaching from amazing guests including David Heinemeier Hansson (co-founder & CTO of Basecamp), Lori McLeese (Global Head of HR at Automattic), Steli Efti (CEO and Co-founder of Close), and Taso Du Val (CEO of Toptal).

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