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Configuring the RootLo App in Slack -Administrator Edition

First things first- Install RootLo with one-click πŸ‘‡πŸ½

You are a Slack workspace admin

Not a workspace admin? If you’re simply a workspace member and looking for instructions: learn more here.

Welcome to RootLo Directory πŸ‘‹πŸ»!  As an Administrator of your workspace, you have access to all account-level features of the RootLo map-based directory. Only you (or another workspace admin) have the power to get your team displaying on the map πŸͺ„. To get the most out of RootLo, please read and follow the steps below πŸ‘‡. Oh, and if you have any questions, send them our way to

Important to note!: πŸ“ the map feature works different ways when using RootLo on a free versus paid Slack plan.

Note the differences in RootLo map functionality based on your Slack plan:

Below are more details about either your Paid or Free Slack workspace (click the link to skip to the section that fits your workspace description).

Creating a Location field πŸ“‚

Our first step is to have you create a location field. This allows your Slack members to add their locations to their profile. As they update their Slack profiles, their location on the RootLo Map will update automatically!

Create a location field in 3 quick steps:

  1. In Slack, navigate to Settings & Administration > Workspace settings. The Slack settings will now open in a browser window. Open the left-side menu and select Profiles. Scroll down to the About me section and click + Add data element
  2. Select the Short text data type > Continue > define the label as “Current Location” > add City, State/Department, Country as the placeholder > Show in Search βœ”οΈ > Data Source: User-edited > Save Changes!
  3. The final step connects your new field to our RootLo app. Go into any of your Slack channels and type /rootlo define location-field > you’ll see a dropdown option > choose your new Current Location field > you’ve successfully connected your new field to RootLo, well done!

πŸ† You’re all set, your team will now have the option to add their current location to their Slack profiles (and as a result to the RootLo Map)!

How to update my own location? Edit your Slack profile and add your current City, State/Department, and Country into your new Current Location field.

Not interested in sharing your specific location? Not a problem. Simply leave the field blank and RootLo will default to displaying your profile at a random location within your specified time zone.

Important to note!: πŸ“ It may take up to 24 hours to see profile changes reflected on the RootLo Map.

RootLo for Free Slack workspaces

Your Workspace allows for members’ locations to be defined at the time-zone level, meaning that a Slack member will appear on the map at a random location within their specified time zone.

While more limited than a paid workspace, the setup is easier!

A Slack member only needs to edit/update their Slack profile’s time zone in order to update their profile on the RootLo map. Moving to a new location? Congrats! Simply update your Slack profile time zone field and your display on the RootLo map will be updated as well.

Important to note!: πŸ“ It may take up to 24 hours to see profile changes reflected on the RootLo Map.

Spread the word πŸ“£: Congrats, the bulk of the onboarding process is complete, and you can now view your team on the RootLo Map πŸ‘.  The Map will just keep getting better as your team begins using it, so it’s time to loop them in!  Let your team know about the RootLo Map, send them these instructions (for getting updated), and they can start connecting with peers immediately.


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