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Building your Remote Teams Ecosystem

December 10, 2019

If you’ve noticed that the typical nine-to-five work day doesn’t seem so typical anymore, then you’re not alone. In fact, the rise of the remote teams has put a spotlight on freelancing that is signaling a pretty important paradigm shift; one that redefines the way we perceive work in the first place. Additional to self-employed freelance workers, companies are beginning to embrace remote work as a viable (and lucrative) option. This new momentum stems from the idea that the future of work should be flexible and also agile, requiring workers to have the ability to self-start and adapt to changes in culture, technology, and cost-effectiveness in ways that can’t always be confined to a cubicle. The increasing amount of individuals who are choosing to freelance, as well as companies that are choosing a remote work force, has resulted in an increasing need for co-working spaces, WiFi-friendly areas, and intentional community building.

A significant chunk of the remote work and freelancing community chose to work remotely because they have an interest in travel, but it can often be difficult to find good workspaces and like-minded people with whom they can share ideas or just hang. Enter RootLo , a community- focused company that aims to help freelancers and remote workers explore new places, find co-working spots, and make new friends on the go.

RootLo was created by a diverse team of digital nomads who are familiar with the dynamics of remote work and have collected a repository of information that every working traveler needs, all in one spot. The goal is to be a catalyst for like-minded Remote Workers to meet up on their own and enjoy inspiring, cost-effective co-working spaces wherever they may be.

The soon-to-be-released RootLo app is where it all starts, and it’s simple to sign up. Just enter your personal information for your profile and select a few topics that interest you such as art, food, music, networking, and sports. That way, RootLo can match you with like-minded with whom you could potentially meet up. If you have a particular destination in mind, you can explore that destination directly through the app or even make a list of destinations that interest you. Conveniently, the app provides a wealth of information about each destination including livability, average internet speed, safety, weather, and RootLo’s overall rating.

When you select a specific destination, RootLo links to recommended accommodations, information about destination-specific transportation options such as ride shares, bus or metro, main tourist attractions that you might want to check out in between assignments, and links to nearby established co-working spaces. You can even use the chat function to connect with any other RootLo users who are in town!

As the RootLo community grows along with the remote workforce, so will the mountain of helpful work-travel information stored in the RootLo app. Make RootLo your go-to for all of your work-travel solutions, and keep building your location-independent community on the go.

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